Conferences and workshops

During the course of the project Dalmatia – a destination of European Grand Tour in the 18th and the 19th century, two international conferences and four workshops will be held.

The first among them is the international conference held in November 2014 entitled Diocletian’s Palace in the works of Adam, Clérisseau and Cassas, organized by the Institute of Art History- Cvito Fisković Centre Split. The next international conference entitled Discovering Dalmatia. Dalmatia in 18th and 19th century travelogues, pictures and photographs, held in May 2015.

During 2015 – 2017, four workshops will be held; they will address the three key focuses of the research. All the members of the research team will take part in the workshops, each led by a different member. Workshops will be open to all, but primarily to the young doctoral and post-doctoral students selected to participate, and invited scholars and experts.