Zadar: Space, time, architecture. Four new views, a colloquium

Discovering Dalmatia is a week-long programme (18th-23rd May 2015) of the Institute of Art History – Centre Cvito Fisković in Split. It is devoted to cultural and historical aspects of the Croatian littoral that, with their many-layered links with the overall Mediterranean and European world, gradually began to be discovered during the 18th and 19th centuries, when many travel writers and visual artists on their Grand Tours started regularly to visit the eastern coast of the Adriatic.

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(Un)Mapping Diocletian’s Palace, a student workshop

As a part of this project, from May 18 to May 23 a student workshop will be held on a topic entitled:

 (Un)Mapping Diocletian’s Palace. Research methods in the understanding of the experience and meaning of place.

During the 18th and 19th century, European architects, writers and painters, during the Grand Tour, a practice aimed at making the direct acquaintance of other cultures, which represented the foundation of classical education and the formation of artistic stances and expressions, left verbal and pictorial records of their visits to Diocletian’s Palace in Split. Diocletian’s Palace was a must-see of the Grand Tour on the eastern shores of the Adriatic.

Through an analysis of the drawings and texts, the key points that the travel writers of the time selected to define Diocletian’s Palace and of which they left a lasting record in their art works have been defined. They did not record just the physical condition of the monuments, but also the life within the palace, and rendered their personal impressions and feelings during their sojourns in this very specific space.

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Friends of the Grand Tour Dalmatia Project: announcements and donations

We are particularly pleased that the conference organised as part of this project entitled “Discovering Dalmatia. Dalmatia in 18th and 19th travelogues, pictures and photographs”, to be held in Split from May 21 to May 23 has been announced in the distinguished British journal Minerva.  The announcement of the conference can be seen here.

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Adriatic Croatia in Austrian and German Travelogues, a lecture

Dr Ivan Pederin will give a lecture at 6 p.m. on March 19 in the premises of the Institute of Art History –  Cvito Fisković Centre (Kružićeva 7, Split). This lecture is thematically related to this project and has been organized in conjunction with the several-years-long programme of public lectures in the Cvito Fisković Centre of the Institute of Art History, Split.