Discovering Dalmatia III, a conference and public lectures

Discovering Dalmatia (22/11 – 25/11) is a programme of the Institute of Art History – Centre Cvito Fisković in Split, which is being held for the third year running. It is dedicated to those cultural-historical aspects of the Croatian coast which, via multilayered connections with the Mediterranean and European world, were gradually uncovered, particularly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when numerous travel writers and artists undertook the Grand Tour and began regularly visiting the eastern Adriatic coast.

Alongside a new conference on the theme of the Grand Tour of the Croatian coast, this time through the travelogue of the British architect T.G. Jackson, published 130 years ago in Oxford, we have prepared accompanying events.

Dr Frances Sands, Curator of Drawings and Books at Sir John Soane’s Museum in London, will give a lecture on Robert Adam in London. In 2016 she prepared an exhibition on this theme at her home institution, which houses a collection of 9000 of Adam’s drawings. Alongside the exhibition, Dr Sands wrote a book about Adam’s work in London, a city in which he spent more than half his life, and for which he created more projects than for any other city.

Dr David McCallam, who joined the Department of French at Sheffield in 1999, and specialises in the long eighteenth century in France, covering the French Enlightenment and the French Revolution, will give us a lecture on the Napoleonic Illyrian Provinces, commenting on the cultural and historical background and the consequences of events in Istria and Dalmatia in the period between 1809 and 1813.

The programme will conclude with a public talk in which designer Damir Gamulin and architect Antun Sevšek, together with Ana Šverko, will present briefly their work on the computational visualisation of space and spatial history using two examples. One of these is the Chrono-geographical database of the History of Grand Tourism in Dalmatia in the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Century, which was created as part of the Grand Tour Dalmatia project. Damir Gamulin has developed its concept together with the principal investigator of the project Ana Šverko. Second project is ‘Magistrala’: Infrastructure as a Generator of Territory (The Adriatic Highway) is a research project in which Gamulin and Sevšek, through an artistic analysis of a landscape, develop a qualitative cartographic methodology.

For more information about the study week, with its programme and the book of abstracts, please download the booklet.

(written by A. Š.)