Grand Tour Dalmatia project, a final presentation in Split

On Thursday, June 29, at 6 pm the Institute of Art History – Cvito Fisković Centre in Split will host a final presentation of a three-year installation research project entitled Dalmatia – a destination of the European Grand Tour in the 18th and the 19th century. Focusing on travel accounts and images by Europeans who visited Dalmatia during their Grand Tour, the project itself has provided the research team with an experience of a wonderful journey, a one which will hopefully be continued.

Sir William Gell, Topographical drawings from a sketch-book (1801), Top: Ragusa; Bottom: Village of Perasto in the canal of Cattaro; The British Museum, reg. no. 1853,0307.15


One of the missions of installation research projects set by the Croatian Science Foundation is to establish a research team dedicated to studying an internationally relevant topic, while the expected key outcome of the project is to publish an internationally recognized volume.

The Institute of Art History, therefore, warmly invites everyone interested to the launch of Robert Adam and Diocletian’s Palace in Split, a book edited by Dr Ana Šverko and Dr Joško Belamarić that has emerged out of an international conference held as part of the Grand Tour Dalmatia research project. The book, entirely in English, has been jointly published by the Institute of Art History and Školska knjiga. It contains fifteen essays by renowned authors, and is illustrated with more than two hundred images from numerous world archives and museums, from Sir John Soane’s Museum in London to the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.

Other results of this research project will be shown on Thursday as well. The Grand Tour Dalmatia Workshops 2015–2016 brochure outlines the outcomes of student workshops held during the project. The four workshops brought together more than a hundred participants, providing students and young researchers with a valuable opportunity to examine the topic of the project in broader terms. Finally, the presentation will include the launch of the Chronogeographical Database of Grand Tourism in Dalmatia, an online database created specifically for the project, which will form a basis for further, even more complex, studies of the topic.

The broadening of the geographical and temporal scope of the database, additional research papers, publication of the proceedings of the second conference held as part of the project, and the organization of another conference focusing on the travelogue by T. G. Jackson (which will take place in November) all show that our project has been firmly installed and will create a fruitful legacy.

(written by A. Š.)