Robert Adam and Diocletian’s Palace in Split, a book announcement

The project team proudly announces the upcoming publication of our book ‘Robert Adam and Diocletian’s Palace in Split’.

When, in November 2014, an international conference was held in the city of Split to mark the 250th anniversary of the publication of the famous book about Diocletian’s Palace written by Scottish neoclassical architect Robert Adam, it was immediately clear that the wealth of materials and ideas presented deserved to be transformed into a publication that is destined to be so much more than an ordinary collection of papers.

Francesco Bartolozzi, View of the entry to the Temple of Jupiter. Plate XXVIII from Robert Adam, Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian in Spalatro in Dalmatia, London 1764.

The key themes to which the entire Grand Tour Dalmatia project is dedicated, can be read and interpreted in Adam’s book Ruins of the Palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia (London: Printed for the Author, 1764). These are studies of the recording of space with word and image; the perception of travelogues as both sources for scholarly study, and witnesses to the spirit of a time and place, that we wish to recognise, evaluate, and preserve; and the study of artistic and scholarly works that have come about as a result of the direct relationship between an author and a specific place – including the influence of those works on the architecture and the culture of neoclassicism, as well as their indirect influence on later periods. All these themes were thoroughly represented amongst the papers presented at the conference, and these have now been transformed into essays.

More news about the book will come soon!

(written by A. Š.)