LIVING MONUMENT / Mat-Organization and Diocletian’s Palace / What if?, a summer workshop

The workshop seeks to investigate Diocletian’s Palace as a living monument.

By researching the urban attributes of the Palace as systems of mat-organization, the workshop will identify and experience the Palace as highly complex spatial conglomeration.

ST, EN, email, B1

Analysis will experiment with the paranoid critical method to produce a set of obsessive and focused drawings of the selected system.

The investigation will provide a conceptual framework of ‘what if’ scenarios for design speculations addressing contemporary issues of tourism, conservation, and modernization within the city.

ST, EN, email, B2

The workshop is organized and supported by Institute of Art History – Centre Cvito Fisković, Croatian Science Foundation and University of Split, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy.



A description and the programme of the workshop can be found in English here.


(written by A. Š.)