Zadar: Space, time, architecture. Four new views, a colloquium

Discovering Dalmatia is a week-long programme (18th-23rd May 2015) of the Institute of Art History – Centre Cvito Fisković in Split. It is devoted to cultural and historical aspects of the Croatian littoral that, with their many-layered links with the overall Mediterranean and European world, gradually began to be discovered during the 18th and 19th centuries, when many travel writers and visual artists on their Grand Tours started regularly to visit the eastern coast of the Adriatic.

Attempting one more time to weigh the arguments that the Zadar Forum, with all the stratification of historical monuments of two millennia that  it reflects, is indeed a phenomenon of the world heritage, as part of the programme Discovering Dalmatia a scholarly colloquium entitled Zadar: space, time, architecture. Four new views will also be organised.

Four lectures that will be devoted to diverse aspects of the development of the architecture and town planning of Zadar and its renovation will put forward supporting arguments for the proposition that the historical centre of the city possesses indeed all the characteristics of exceptional universal value:

Wednesday, May 20

Ethnographic Museum, Severova 1, Split


Joško Belamarić

Transformations of the Zadar Forum – continuity in change


Laris Borić

Early Modern transformations of the town of Zadar

18.00 – 18.15

Coffee Break


Ana Šverko

The Sanmichelis’ city gate in Zadar: necessity and art, tradition and innovation


Antonija Mlikota

Valorization of the urban heritage in the renovation of the historic center of Zadar after World War II



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(written by A. Š.)